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Mahalia Coffee - Life's Less Ordinary 

There are few things in human history that have availed themselves to the expression of the soul and passions of the mind like coffee. Warm companion to the sharpest wits who have pondered our greatest awakenings in thought and deed. Revolution and social reinvention in smoky Parisian Café. Powerful intrigue and splendor in Viennese soiree. Intrepid cultural collision in art deco African cities.

The heart of most City, Town or Village throughout the world affords us a place were the spirit of the human condition flows and interacts with a buzzing vitality of contemporary vigor. Coffee has never, since its marriage to the human mind, been anywhere else but at the vanguard of our expression. This is the inspiration that drives Mahalia Coffee. A connection not only to the lively world of coffee connoisseurs but also the exotic passions of the faraway lands where it grows and the rich histories it has infused. 

Our Founders

Our master roaster, Mahalia Layzell and her husband Paul are both chefs with over 30 years experience in hospitality between them. They have cooked their way around the world and toiled in the kitchens and dining rooms of some of Melbourne's finest restaurants and cafés. Mahalia's namesake, (Mahalia Jackson) sang to her mother's soul and no name could have suited her better - it is with nothing short of soul and passion with which Mahalia roasts and monitors every bean and blend.

It was with their constant striving for perfection in their own Café/Restaurant, started in the mid 1990's that ultimately lured Mahalia toward roasting. It wasn't long before what began as an in-house quality drive accelerated into a separate business, Mahalia Coffee was born and for Mahalia an all consuming passion began.

In 2007 Mahalia and Paul welcomed to the company the skills and inspiration of Jamie Anderson. Driven by the same intense love for quality and integrity within the food experience, his skills in technology and marketing are helping Mahalia Coffee to enhance its services, product range and consultative powers for all its customers.

Mahalia's core philosophy of profile roasting

The core philosophies of Mahalia Coffee are the pursuit of perfection and variety in flavour through the natural intrinsic flavours of coffee. We use no artificial flavour enhancers or additions. Each coffee origin used in our blends is chosen for its own integral flavour qualities and sourced from the entire global coffee farm. There is no compromise in the pursuit of perfect diversified flavour with our sources embracing all doctrines within the industry, rainforest alliance, fair trade, organics, shade grown, Swiss Water Method, or none of the above. And from all coffee growing countries including Australia. In short, if it tastes good, it's in! Mahalia Coffee is and intends to remain an epicurean roasting house. Focusing on quality rather than quantity, and flavour over cost.

As master roaster Mahalia has chosen to pursue and explore the path of profile roasting. An intricate and intense road to follow. Profile roasting demands the exacting scrutiny and personal attention to detail which appeals to few, but exposes the disciplines of a chef trained in the art of haute cuisine.

This effort is reflected the clean, refreshing taste that is now a hallmark of Mahalia Coffee, and recognised in the many prestigious awards we have won.