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Coffee first. Schemes later.

Blend No1 High Mountain Organic

Our sweetest and most FTO blend

Blend No2 Smooth & Aromatic

A medium roast of five single origins combined to make our most awarded blend. 

Blend No3 Cafe Crema

A delicate blend with aromatic notes of candied peel & amaretto biscuits

Blend No4 European Dark Roast

A strong blend styled in the Mediterranean tradition, giving a bouquet of cranberries

Fair Trade Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Outstanding natural processed single origin from the birthplace of coffee

Fair Trade Organic Sumatra

A delightfully, rich single origin coffee

Fair Trade Organic East Timor

A medium roast sourced from The Cooperativa Cafe Timor

Decaff Swiss Water Process Natural Full Flavour

You would never know it was missing the big C

Brazil Sitio Roseira

A speciality Brazil, a very elegant coffee with complex sweetness

Ethiopian Sidamo Natural Gr4

Coffee of the Month → $32kg 

SealPod Starter Pack

SealPod is a Nespresso®* compatible reuseable coffee capsule

SealPod Five Pack

This five pack of refillable coffee capsules is for coffee lovers that need more than one pod at a time!

SealPod Espresso Sticker Lids

Espresso Sticker Lids for SealPod Nespresso®* compatible capsules.

Ethiopian Coffee Beans coated in Milk Chocolate 350gm

Ethiopian Sidamo marries perfectly with milk chocolate...