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Blend No1 High Mountain Organic

A medium roast of Fair Trade Arabica beans from the highlands of Asia. 

Blend No2 Smooth & Aromatic

A medium roast of five single origins combined to make our most awarded blend. 

Blend No3 Cafe Crema

Our lightest roast, with beans from the Central Americas.

Blend No4 European Dark Roast

A strong blend styled in the Mediterranean tradition, giving a bouquet of cranberries

Fair Trade Organic Ethiopia Limou Gr2

Sweet sugar-syrup cup with delicate floral notes, jasmine like aroma

Coffee Special: Colombia Supremo Bachue 1kg size only

Ripe yellow plum, dark chocolate, well balanced, good body. A winner as a black coffee or made with milk

Coffee Special: Brazil Toffee Cerrado 1kg size only

Toffee candy, buttery, nutty, cocoa, lovely flavour and balance in cup

Fair Trade Organic Sumatra

From the coffee growing region Aceh Tengah on the northern tip of Sumatra

Fair Trade Organic East Timor

A medium to dark roast sourced from The Cooperativa Cafe Timor

Decaff Swiss Water Process Natural Full Flavour

Dark roasted Arabica beans selected for their sweet full flavour. 

Ethiopian Coffee Beans coated in Milk Chocolate 350gm

Ethiopian Sidamo marries perfectly with milk chocolate... 

Ethiopian Sidamo Derikocha Gr1

Floral notes and blackcurrant upfront with a hint of tropical fruit.