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Mahalia Coffee Indonesia Blue Bianca Single Origin Coffee Beans 1kg

Coffee Special → Costa Rica La Lapa 1kg


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dark chocolate • caramel  • apple sweet

La Lapa is grown on small farms in the valleys and slopes of the Central and West Valley. This region's soil has a slight acidity as a result of volcanic ashes. Both areas share well-defined wet and dry seasons, ideal for cherry development during the summer months. Altitude and climate define the size and hardness of the cherry, both factors influencing the quality in cup, particularly its acidity.

The convergence of the Caribbean and Pacific climates also plays their part in the smooth delicate flavour, subtle acidity and subtle sweetness of the region’s coffee

Dark chocolate with perfectly balanced apple sweet acidity and a rich toffee finish.

Best served as a long black made with rain water or try it as filter, maybe a V60 to bring out more malt and delicate floral sweetness from this fine origin. 

Suggested coffee making recipe

Temp: 94°c Basket: 19-22g precision basket

In: 22g
Out: 49g (58ml) 
Time: 29sec

Cold Drip: 80g to 850ml filtered, iced water

V60: 12g for single serve. Only use filtered water, unfiltered tap water spoils great coffee.