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Kenya Kamviu AA Specialty Coffee Beans 1kg
Kenya Kamviu AA Specialty Coffee Beans 1kg
Kenya Kamviu AA Specialty Coffee

Kenya Kamviu AA Specialty Coffee



mulberries • dark chocolate • floral  

This origin is deliciously complex. When extracted as an espresso this method brings out classic Kenyan attributes like fresh berries, honey, dark cocoa, and bountiful fruitiness with a nice balance of acidity. Not recommended to be made with milk or alternative milks. Perfect as a plunger coffee, you can drink this all day. 

This is a limited release coffee, with only 25 kgs available. I hope you enjoy our ever revolving single origin coffees and please let us know what one is your favourite by emailing us within the above box. We will be more than happy to order that origin back in again. 

Suggested coffee making recipe

Temp: 94°c Group handle basket: 22g 
In: 23g
Out: 52g (64ml) 
Time: 28 - 31sec

Cold Drip: 100gm to 850ml filtered, iced water

V60: 10gm for single serve. Only use filtered water, tap water spoils great coffee

About the region and producer on this fine origin;

Kamviu Factory is located in Manyatta, Embu County on the South Eastern side of Mt Kenya. Embu County lies on south-eastern side of the mountain. The county was named after the main town Embu, a word that comes from the main community in the area, the Aembu people. Tea and coffee are the community’s main cash crops for day to day living. 

The Kamviu mill is part of the Gakundu Farmers’ Cooperative Society, formed in 1964. The co-op has around 980 active members who farm a total of 290 hectares of coffee. Most of the smallholder farms are a hectare or less. Stringent quality control on coffee cherry bought in on the day of picking ensures only ripe cherries enter the processing operation which uses water from the Muriuriu River. Once processed, the parchment is dried on raised beds prior to final processing, then a percentage of coffee bags are sold to our coffee broker, and then the coffee is shipped to Australia.