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Why Mahalia Coffee Roasters?

The number one driver of customer loyalty is consistency and quality.

Over many years of submerging ourselves in the coffee industry we have learnt it is about getting the fundamentals right. Informed barista training, solid, well-made equipment, specialty coffee and smart business advice to help you build up your long term sales.

We roast on a Diedrich coffee roaster, the only roaster brand in the world with infrared burner technology. Combined with daily coffee cupping, analytics of our coffee profiles this gives us complete quality control over roasting times, temperatures, bean moisture and airflow.

So with every batch roasted, we can confidently pass our coffee into your hands for brewing and enjoyment.

Whether you own a well-established cafe, an office looking to give their staff sensational coffee while at work, we are here for you. Mahalia Coffee is happy to offer wholesale pricing on our full range of products to all Australian businesses with a valid ABN. 

Signing up for a wholesale account could not be easier. Live online ABN verification allows you to sign up and start shopping instantly.