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Coffee and Chocolate Care Pack


Whole Beans
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Espresso Commercial
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Reusable Pods
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  • 1kg bag Blend No2
  • 250g bag Blend No4
  • FREE 400g bag Drinking Chocolate 

Blend No2 - 1kg bag - Berries & Toasted Almonds 

A medium roast of five single origin coffee beans combined to make our most awarded blend. This complex coffee brings full-bodied flavour with raspberries, blackberries and hints of toasted almonds and cocoa dust. A favourite of cafes, its renowned punchy brightness leaves you wanting more. 
Suited for all coffee making vessels either with or without milk, even fantastic over vanilla ice cream as an espresso : Plunger, Stovetop, Cold Drop, V60 and Espresso Machine. 

Blend No4 - 250g bag - European Dark Roast

Quintessential blend styled in the Mediterranean tradition, giving a bouquet of cranberries, coffee blossom and dark cocoa. With a melding of plum and chocolate flavours, these dark roasted coffee beans have delicate acidity with a long, rounded finish. Perfect as a short black, and amazing with milk. 
Suited for Plunger, Stovetop or Espresso Machine. Amazing as an espresso martini.

Free bag of our Drinking Chocolate 400g

Cafe style hot chocolate at home. The pleasures of cocoa and a spark of sweetness. Enjoy it dusted across your cappuccino or as a warming, delicious hot chocolate. A perennial favourite of the young and old, which often becomes a closely guarded treasure.
Did you know that our drinking chocolate is also Gluten free!