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Compak Coffee Grinder K3 Touch Advanced OD

Compak Home Grinder Touch K3 Advanced OD


The Serious Home Barista Coffee Grinder

Taking up little space at home this K3 will deliver a consistent fine grind to extract your favorite origin or coffee blend day in and day out. Ideal coffee grinder for the serious home barista.

Featuring the same 58mm flat burrs that made the original K3 grinder so popular you are guaranteed a precise and consistent grind. The grind size can be adjusted easily with the stepless grind adjuster ring, offering you unhindered control to extract the sweetest, full flavoured espresso to delight your family and friends.  With is K3 version,  you tap the lever just below the coffee shute  with your portafilter and the grinder will dispense a set amount of ground coffee. This is easily dialed in by adjusting the timer knob at the front of the grinder. More time, equals more grams, less time equals less grams. 

Top features at a glance

  • For home use
  • On demand grinding 
  • Daily kg use 500g
  • Grinds 19g in 14 seconds
  • Continuous micro grind particle adjustment
  • Flat Burrs 58mm
  • 275gm coffee hopper capacity
  • 12 Month Commercial Parts only warranty