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Indonesia Sumatra Java Specialty Coffee beans  in 1kg

⭐️ Coffee Special ⭐️ Indonesia Sumatra Java Specialty Coffee


Whole Beans
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Espresso Commercial
Espresso Domestic
Reusable Pods
Pour Over & Drip

cinnamon • fruity • spice

Distinctive, bursting with aromatic notes of cinnamon and orange oil. Medium body and acidity, a medium roast style, suited to be used in home espresso, plunger and stovetop espresso. A delightfully, sweet, rich single origin coffee. 

Suggested coffee making recipes

Temp: 94°c Basket: 19 - 20g precision basket

In: 20g
Out: 50g (60ml) 
Time: 30sec

Cold Drip: 80g to 850ml filtered, iced water

V60: 12g for single serve. Only use filtered water, unfiltered tap water spoils great coffee