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Nicaragua Peralta Estate Miriam Microlot Specialty Coffee beans 1kg
Nicaragua Peralta Estate Miriam Microlot Specialty Coffee beans 1kg
Nicaragua Peralta Estate Miriam Specialty Coffee

Nicaragua Peralta Estate Miriam Specialty Coffee


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cognac • cold climate berries • mandarin

This origin is deliciously complex. Tasting notes of cognac, wild berries, milk chocolate, finishing off with Manuka honey and mandarin. Perfect for filter, plunger coffee and stove top.

This is a limited release coffee, with only 25 kgs available. I hope you enjoy our ever revolving single origin coffees and please let us know what one is your favourite by emailing us within the above box. We will be more than happy to order that origin back in again. 

Suggested coffee making recipe

Temp: 94°c Group handle basket: 22g 
In: 23g
Out: 52g (64ml) 
Time: 28 - 31sec

Cold Drip: 90gm to 850ml filtered, iced water

V60: 12gm for single serve. Only use filtered water, tap water spoils great coffee

About the producer on this fine origin;

The Peralta family’s coffee tradition dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Farms are located in the Dipilto and Jalapa mountain range (Cordillera Dipilto y Jalapa) in the department of Nueva Segovia at altitudes ranging from 1150 to 1600 MASL. The high altitude and favourable climate is perfect for speciality coffee in Nicaragua. This combination of ideal weather conditions, proven varietals and unique post-harvest processes have built Peralta’s reputation

Prior to harvest, each plot is hand picked based on a visual inspection to guarantee uniformity in ripeness (maturation) and consistent brix concentration. [Sugar levels]  Harvesting is continually monitored to ensure consistent level of cherry ripeness and every plots coffee is traceable. At the mill, coffee is fermented anaerobically, a process that allows detailed control over the process and ultimately consistency in terms of taste.

Drying is done naturally with the coffee on raised beds in a vast drying area and again carefully monitored until the right moisture content is achieved.

 The estate prides itself on meticulous quality control at every stage and is continuously  innovating. Our Anaerobic Natural is from Peralta’s Santa Maria De Lourdes Farm, San Fernando, Nueva Segovia. This farm is always the last to finish harvesting around April. The farm has 32 hectares under coffee cultivation with 45 hectares natural forest. Hunting of animals is completely banned and the estate is committed to long sustainability in every aspect.