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Pezzetti Stainless Steel Espresso Stovetop 6 Cup

Pezzetti Stainless Steel Coffee Maker 6 Cup


The Retro Classic coffee maker by Pezzetti

Pezzetti was founded in the 40's by Ezio Pezzetti in Italy and are a classic timeless designed coffee maker. 

  • Finest quality 18/8 stainless steel
  • Highly-polished mirror finish
  • Easy pour drip free spout
  • Silicon Gasket
  • Safety Valve
  • Multi cooktop compatible
  • Stay-in-cool Bakelite handle and knob
  • Perfect for camping
  • 1 cup = approx. 60ml of espresso


For the first use, discard your first pot of coffee made as it will help to eliminate foreign particles and production odours.

Pezzetti uses only heat resistant handles, however these handles are not flame proof therefore avoid heating on high flame as it may damage the handle.

Do not use steel wool products when hand washing. Do not place percolator in the dishwasher. 

Store away only after all items are dry to avoid calcium build up.