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Synesso S200 Coffee Machine

Synesso S200 Coffee Machine


Stand out in the cafe crowd

Introducing the latest machine from Synesso… the S200
A price competitive, volumetric machine built to the epic standards as set by Synesso.

Features at a glance

  • Individual brew boiler
  • Cool touch steam arms
  • Ergonomic lever-actuated steam handles
  • Power save mode
  • Compact, low profile design
  • Two defined volumetric programs per group
  • Separate program touch pad for programing many features and parameters
  • Elevated timer displays
  • 3 position height adjustable drain tray
  • 30AMP power
  • 2-year parts only warranty
The S200 boasts the internal components of the MVP and MVP Hydra. This includes group heads with no wear parts, individual brew boilers, inbuilt digital shot timers, programmable temperature and cool touch steam wands.

Extraction is controlled by volumetric programming, with two user-defined programs per group. The wired hand-held display allows control of total water count and optional pre-infusion duration. The steam valves are equipped with ambidextrous actuators that can swivel 180°, allowing both right and left-handed operation for baristas.
With a height of 44 cm, the S200’s low profile design and 3-position height-adjustable drain tray allow greater flexibility for installation.