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Urban Barista Beetroot Latte 250g
Urban Barista Beetroot Latte 250g
Urban Barista Beetroot Latte 250g

Urban Barista Beetroot Latte 250g


A Pure Vegan Friendly Caffeine & Gluten Free experience 

Using the finest beetroot sourced from Eastern Europe, combined with organic coconut blossom sugar to create a delicious superfood latte. In addition to its amazing colour, beetroot is naturally sweet and known to improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. The organic coconut blossom sugar is unrefined and retains the nutrients naturally found in the nectar of the coconut blossom, and is a source of calcium and iron.

No Added Dairy  Vegan Friendly  Caffeine Free   Gluten Free   50 serves per pack 

Preparation Instructions 

To make the perfect serve of Chai Tea: weigh 5gm of powder and add 150ml of almond milk, then stir - (an example of alternative milk and tastes amazing!) then heat the milk either through the steam arm of your home espresso machine or heat on the stove, and enjoy.

Nutritional Information


Beetroot, organic coconut blossom sugar, ground cinnamon

Allergy Information:

May contain traces of milk

Serving Size: 5g
Nutrition Average per serve Average per 100ml
Protein 0.3g 3.6g
  - Gluten Nil detected Nil detected
Fat, total 0.4g 4.2g
  - Saturated 0.1g 2.7g
Carbohydrate 2.6g 6.6g
  - Sugars 1.0g 5.5g
Sodium 1.5mg 43mg