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Vending Milk Powder Ristora 500g

Vending Milk Powder Ristora 500g


A granulated Milk powder is imported direct from Italy. The Ristora Freeze dried milk is a premium 100% skim milk powder ideally suited for all coffee vending machine.

Unlike most other vending milk, Ristora's hot air drying method ensures a much creamier milk that is as close to fresh milk as you can find. Ideal for use in vending coffee machines and equipment to give the drinker the closest end product to a barista made coffee.

We have carefully chosen this milk power as Ristora freeze dried milk is made from quality product to ensure your customers get the best option available on the market. 100% premium skim milk powder which retains it’s fresh taste.
No added, thickeners, sugars. REAL MILK from a real cow.