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Training Resources

Barista Training: 

Our Barista Training is the most comprehensive coffee class on offer in the region and it's free to our Mahalia Coffee family. It’s our aim to help businesses gain a strong reputation for serving great, consistent coffee that then equals return custom. Training is held here in Robe, where we have a dedicated barista training room where you get to learn on a Compak E10, E5 and a two group New Iberital with shot timers. Kelly Mules, our head barista, conducts the classes and she is a passionate, fun lady that loves to help others make great coffee.

The majority of our classes run over two days for approximately 5 hours each day, with a maximum of 3 students per class. The two day course is recommended for all new MC businesses. I often get asked whether the class can be reduced to one day, in a nut shell, it can not. That is optional only for customers who have already completed the two-day course. One day is not enough time to spend with newbies because we cover a large number of subjects and every participant spends a decent amount of practical time on the machinery.

Our classes are like going back to school to a degree, in the level of concentration required, and staff always get a surprise on how much knowledge they gain. It’s a professional learning time that empowers staff with more knowledge and practical skills to take back to work and make a fantastic espresso for their customers.

Barista training is for staff that have limited exposure to making quality espresso. Decent training is vital as consumers are well educated in what a fine coffee should taste like and have a higher level of expectation, even compared to 5 years ago. It’s well worth putting staff through this course that you feel are going to be with your establishment long term.

Please contact Mahalia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more 

Teaching Focus

Outcomes of Part 1 Class:

Why training is vital: understanding differences of blends, origins, storage, consumer expectations/standards, etc.       
What is the machinery capable of doing: workings of the grinder and espresso machine and cleaning machinery
Coffee terminology and customer expectations 
Practical training in correct tamping, texturing milk and finished styles of espresso
How to make that perfect hot chocolate and chai latte and best practice on texturing soy, rice and almond milks 


Outcomes of Part 2 Class:

Grind Control: the complete understanding of operating the grinder 
Work flow: confidently making styles of espresso within a time frame, just like working in a café during peak operating times
How to program the volumetrics of your coffee machine and what all the gauges are for           
Cleaning machinery, basic maintenance and storage of perishable products 


Please feel free to download our Barista Manual 

Barista Manual

Espresso Training Manual (pdf)

A must for all fully automatic espresso machines

Programing Espresso Machines