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Water Quality Filtration System

Not only is filtered water vital for the quality of all espresso extractions, it will also extend the life of the espresso machine.

The presence of various salts, minerals (total dissolved solids or TDS) and chlorine that is often found in mains tap water directly affects the extraction of flavour from oils found in the coffee bean. Large amounts of these minerals can cause significant and costly problems with your machine if they are not filtered out. Small amounts of certain minerals such as calcium and magnesium can aid the extraction of flavours, however, other minerals such as chlorides and sulphates can often cause coffee to become sour or bitter. Because of these problem minerals along with differing water types depending on what town or region your café is located, we recommend testing your water if you are not going to run rain water through your espresso machine – requires a different system, see below.

For consistency of extractions and the longevity of coffee boilers, we highly recommend the use of Pentair Reverse Osmosis filtration systems. This system removes undesirable contaminants and features a clever blending valves that allow a variable amount of water which has bypassed the Reverse Osmosis system (after been treated by a carbon block) to enter back into the feed water ensuring that necessary amounts of beneficial minerals are included, whilst still removing chlorine and other particulates. In this way, different water profiles can be altered in a way that best suits your machine and profile of coffee.

For small cafes ranging from 15-20kg per week, we would recommend the EVERPURE® LVRO-75HE REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM.

For slightly larger accounts using up to 50kg per week, we would recommend EVERPURE® 75E HIGH EFFICIENCY REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM.

Rain water requires 5 and 10 micron sediment filters, a UV system because the quality of captured rainwater water is only as good as the catchment and storage environment. Dust, dirt particles, bird faeces, and a host of other contaminants can and do enter rainwater tanks, causing many health issues.

You will also need a re-mineralizing filter or polishing filter to add back vital minerals to brighten and enhance the espresso flavour, plus a 1 micron sediment filter otherwise the coffee tastes dull, lifeless and flat from no mineral content.

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