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How to read our 'Roast Date' on our coffee bags

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To comply with Australia Food standards, we have a BEST BEFORE date on our coffee bags, along with a batch number. Every batch of coffee we roast is logged, from the lot number of each single origin coffee within that batch, to the time that batch took to roast. We take our commitment to roasting beautifully consistent coffee to you seriously.
To work out the roast date, please subtract 6 months for 1kg bags and 8 months for 250g sized bags. 
Our guide to our budding coffee drinkers is if you drink the coffee within 4 months of the roast date, it will still taste great!

Going into a deeper level of coffee bean age, we recommend if you are using pour-over brew methods, buy coffee beans within 1 month of roasting, and use immediately.
For all other brew methods, especially espresso, aged coffee brings out more body and sweetness, and the acidity in coffee reduces over time.
Garlic and onions go into a dark, dry cupboards and cheeses goes in the fridge. There are many well-known tried and true home rules which surround how to keep our favourite foods fresh.
This is the same for our favourite morning beverage, coffee. If it’s not stored correctly, it will not be at its best. Coffee does go out of date however doesn’t mean that you’re going to get sick from that.
Although this is great news, old coffee won’t be the best thing to use. Coffee is a food, and as with all foods, it reacts with oxygen and becomes stale over time. Coffee is going to lose its freshness, flavour, and aromas.
The flavours and aromas are what makes our coffee delicious. So, when these dwindle because of exposure to oxygen, you will get a less vibrant and full flavoured cup. However, when stored correctly, you can help protect the freshness of coffee, and keep it tasting better for longer.

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