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Mahalia Coffee - Life's Less Ordinary

At Mahalia Coffee, our aspiration is to incorporate our splendid, skilfully roasted coffee into your daily habits, offering a dependable caffeine fix to Australians. The bedrock of our ethos is profile roasting, a detailed and gratifying technique which enables us to offer an array of unique flavour journeys to our patrons. We select our beans from the finest plantations globally, with an emphasis on those adopting Rainforest Alliance, organic, and shade-grown methodologies, without ever wavering on quality standards.

Our aim is to delight our consumers with richly flavoured coffee while endorsing sustainable agricultural practices and fair-trade philosophies. We are steadfast believers in preferring quality over volume, and each coffee batch from our roaster is meticulously curated to accentuate the best flavours of the beans. As a Master Coffee Roaster, my commitment lies in the art of profile roasting, a technique which renders the distinctive crisp and revitalising taste of Mahalia Coffee.

Our story began in 1996 when Paul and I opened our café, the Wild Mulberry, in Robe. At the time, I didn't even drink coffee, but after working in the café's kitchen and serving customers, I became passionate about the craft. In 2002, we sold the café to focus on our new family and opened Mahalia Coffee in 2003. With our small roastery in high demand, we welcomed Jamie Anderson to our team in 2006, bringing his expertise in technology and marketing to help us expand our services and product range. Together, we remain committed to providing the highest quality coffee and a truly enjoyable experience for our customers.