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Mahalia Coffee - Life's Less Ordinary

Our dream is to have mahalia coffee in everyone's kitchen, to be apart of your day to day life, helping Australians to keep caffeinated with beautifully roasted coffee.

Mahalia's core philosophy of profile roasting

My core philosophy is the pursuit of bringing new coffee flavour experiences  through developing signature blends of the humble coffee bean to our customers to enjoy. 

Each coffee origin used in my blends is chosen for its own integral flavour qualities and sourced from the entire global coffee farm. There is no compromise in the pursuit of perfect diversified flavour with our bean sourcing embracing all doctrines within the industry, rainforest alliance, organics, shade grown, Swiss Water Method from all coffee growing countries the world has to offer. In short, if it tastes good, it's in! Mahalia Coffee is a speciality coffee roasting house. Focusing purely on quality.

As a Master Coffee Roaster, I have chosen to pursue and explore the path of profile roasting, it is an intricate and intense rewarding road to follow. Profile roasting demands the exacting scrutiny and personal attention to detail which appeals to few. This discipline is reflected in the clean, refreshing taste that is now a hallmark of Mahalia Coffee

Our history

Way way back in 1996 Paul and I opened our café the Wild Mulberry in Robe. At that stage I didn’t even drink coffee, I know hard to believe…. I loved to cook, however after a brief time working in the kitchen at the Mulberry, we realised that I had to be the face of the business for our café concept to be successful, to gain local support. Paul ran the kitchen, and I front of house and that’s when the coffee bug got me making all those magical espressos to our customers. 

Forward 3 years later I started roasting coffee for the cafe, where I started my roasting journey and our signature Blend No2 was born.

We realized in early 2002 it was time to move on, expand our coffee dream and sold the cafe to focus on our new family and to open Mahalia Coffee in 2003. 

We had to scale up our tiny roastery, our coffee beans were in high demand and we needed help to grow, so in 2007 Mahalia and Paul welcomed to their fledgling company the skills and inspiration of Jamie Anderson. Driven by the same intense love for quality and integrity within the food experience, his skills in technology and marketing are helping Mahalia Coffee to enhance its services, product range and consultative powers for all its customers.