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Hario Wooden 'Dome' Hand Grinder

Hario Wooden 'Dome' Hand Grinder


Vintage Hand Grinder with a twist

The Hario Dome Wooden Coffee Grinder is a modern take on Hario’s classic manual mill, reminiscent of many coffee enthusiasts' first grinders. Its sleek wooden design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ergonomic, with a tapered middle for easier grip. The smooth finish ensures comfort, and the stainless steel handle with a wooden knob is user-friendly. Inside, the ceramic conical burrs ensure consistent grinds for pour-overs and coffee press brews.

Hario Wooden Grinder Highlights:
- Ideal for pour-overs and coffee presses with consistent ceramic burrs.
- User-friendly design with a comfortable grip.
- Durable and made for regular use.

Capacity: 35g
Body Material: Wood
Dome Material: Steel
Handle Material: Steel
Handle Knob Material: Wood
Burrs: Ceramic (Conical)
Size: W x 143, D x 88, H x 208mm