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Ethiopian Haro Lebetu Guji Specialty Coffee by Mahalia Coffee
Ethiopian Haro Lebetu Guji Specialty Coffee by Mahalia Coffee
Ethiopian Haro Lebetu Guji Specialty Coffee

Ethiopian Haro Lebetu Guji Specialty Coffee


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Pour Over & Drip

honey  •  dark chocolate  •  raspberry

Experience the exotic and vibrant taste of Ethiopia with our premium Arabica coffee, sourced from the respected Yabitu Koba region. Cultivated by the dedicated producer Welichu Wachu, these coffee cherries flourish at the lofty altitudes of 1800 - 2300, where they are handpicked during the prime harvest months of November and December.

With an impressive score of 89, each sip reveals a zesty twist of blood orange, the bright spark of lemon, and a whisper of dark chocolate. The sweetness of honey meanders through, accompanied by a subtle hint of raspberry, creating a complex and harmonious taste profile.

This single origin is best enjoyed when made as a pour-over or cold drip as this method brings out a huge amount of fruitiness from the coffee beans. Due to the origin's lightness of roast style and high acidity, it is not suitable to be served with milk or alternative milks.

Suggested barista coffee making recipe

Temp: 94°c
Group handle basket: 22g 
In: 23g
Out: 50g (60ml) 
Time: 30sec

Ratio: 1:16
Dose: 15g
Water: 250ml
Time: 2.30mins

Only use filtered water, unfiltered tap water spoils great coffee

The Difference between Washed and Natural coffee:

Coffee beans are encased in multiple layers: silver skin, parchment, pectin, pulp, and outer skin. There are three primary methods to process the coffee and extract to the finished coffee bean: washed/wet-process, natural/dry-process, and pulp natural. Some Indonesian coffees employ a separate method, wet-hulled.

Dry processed (naturals) coffees are dried in full on raised beds, or on patios in cherry prior to de-pulping. Wet processed (washed) coffees are dried without the cherry.

Washed coffees are de-pulped via washing stations then usually fermented to promote the separation of any remaining pectin still stuck to the bean and parchment, then washed clean prior to drying.

Naturals have more fruit flavours attributes as the coffee has had more time to interact with the natural sugars from the cherry as enzymes break down the mucilage around the bean.

Washed coffees are prized for their clarity and vibrant notes. Removing all the cherry prior to drying allows the intrinsic flavours of the coffee to excel. Fruit notes are still found in washed coffees, nonetheless, fermented and sweet berry notes are less common.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ethiopian Haro Lebetu Guji Specialty Coffee

Ideal for using for pour over coffee making using the Hario V60


One of the nicest light roast coffees I have ever tasted. I will definitely be ordering this regularly as a staple in between experimenting with other coffees.

With an Aeropress I found 11 grams coffee to 220grams water with a 2 min 30 second brew time to be ideal.

I couldn’t get it to work using my espresso machine but that says more about my dubious dialing in skills than it does the coffee.

I’m drinking a cup now as I write this review - absolutely delicious.

Thank you so much for your detailed and thoughtful review! We're so happy to hear that you found our light roast to be one of the nicest you've ever tasted. It's wonderful to know that you'll be making it a staple in your coffee rotation.
We appreciate you sharing your Aeropress recipe with us, knowing you're enjoying a cup of our coffee as you write this review makes us incredibly happy. Thank you again for your kind words and continued support 😀

Mark Solomon
Bright and chocolatey Ethiopian

A brightly acidic Ethiopian coffee with notes of dark chocolate, orange and raspberry. The roast-level is even throughout the bag and true to label at a light roast. Fantastic value for money with free, express shipping included in the price of the bag. I'll definitely be ordering from Mahalia Coffee again.

Dear Mark, thank you for your thoughtful review. We're very happy to hear that you enjoyed our Ethiopian and appreciated the flavour nuances of dark chocolate, orange, and raspberry. Consistency in roasting are very important to us, so your feedback means a lot.
We're also glad you found value in our free shipping ☕️


Such a smooth coffee to start the day

Dear Dianne

We're super happy to hear you're enjoying the Ethiopian coffee as a smooth start to your day! It's always our goal to provide a delightful coffee experience. Thank you for sharing your positive review. Here's to many more wonderful coffee moments!
Warm regards, Mahalia