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Cafetto Domestic Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets - Two packs

Cafetto Home Espresso Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets - Two packs


Cafetto TEVO Mini Tablets 2 x 8 Tablets - 1.5g

It's super important to clean your coffee machine regularly. These tabs removes coffee oils, grounds and stain, improving the taste and aroma of espresso after the machine is cleaned.
  • Convenient portion-controlled dose, Tevo® Mini tablets can be used to replace traditional espresso machine cleaning powers.
  • Phosphate and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) free.
  • Non-corrosive formulation to protect the machine.
  • Rapidly biodegradable meeting international standards.
  • Tablet dimensions: 16mm x 4mm round tablet
  • Weight: 1.5g


  1. Refer to machine manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean.
  2. Always rinse thoroughly with fresh water after cleaning.