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Compak PKF Weight to Grind Grinder in gloss white

Compak PKF Weight to Grind Grinder


Matte Black
Matte White


Meet the PKF… the most technologically advanced grinder on the market! AMAZING. We have one at HQ, has drastically improved quality of espresso extracted, even more customers are now raving about how great our coffee tastes, more comments from happy customers equals more sales to you. 

With 83mm, specially designed High Yield Burrs for both espresso & Filter PKF will deliver you a sweeter and more complex coffee extraction. Set your hands free with the new ergonomic and heavy duty universal portafilter allowing the barista to improve workflow and efficiency, NO more scales, the grinder now weighs the dose straight into the portafilter, saving valuable time, coffee grind wastage plus instant grind particle changes to keep up with environmental variants. 

The coffee shoot outlet is lit up with white LEDS, really great feature in low lighting work areas and the burrs have a durability of 2000 Kg of coffee = 220 ctns coffee

Top features at a glance

  • Weight to grind, built in scales! no separate scales required
  • Easy touch LCD screen to set up grinder parameters on first dial in
  • Grinds 22g in 3 seconds
  • For cafes selling up to 25kg a day 
  • Continuous micro grind particle adjustment
  • Pk grinders reduces static and eliminate clumping
  • Guarantees an optimal distribution of coffee in the filter holder
  • Grinding quality "shot after shot"
  • Total and partial shot counter
  • Configure warning for changing the burrs
  • Easy touch LCD screen to set up grinder parameters on first dial in
  • Fan to maintain a cool flow of air at all times
  • Access and control of usage data