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Mazzer Easy Tamping device

Mazzer Easy Tamper


The Mazzer Tamper: Streamlining Coffee Service in Your Cafe

Speed up your coffee service and take your cafe to the next level with the Mazzer Tamper. This innovative tamper is designed to deliver the consistent pressure required for a perfectly packed portafilter, resulting in a rich and delicious espresso every time. The constant pressure system ensures that your baristas can produce consistent output with ease, even during busy times, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) associated with hand tamping.

Not only is this tamper practical and efficient, it also boasts an industrial style and sleek design that will elevate the aesthetic of any cafe, coffee cart, or restaurant. Whether you're looking to streamline your coffee service, reduce RSI, or simply add a touch of style to your establishment, the Mazzer Tamper is a smart investment for any commercial coffee operation.

Features at a glance

  • Weighted for non slip movement 
  • Suitable for all types of portafilters, all brands
  • Tamper Diameter: 58.4mm (customised, tolerance +/- 0.1mm), suits basket sizes ranging
  • Will last a lifetime of use