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Mahalia Coffee Blend No2 in 250g bag
Buy Award-Winning Medium Roast Coffee Beans Online
Blend 2 - Berries & Toasted Almonds Specialty Coffee
Blend 2 - Berries & Toasted Almonds Specialty Coffee
Mahalia Coffee Blend No2 in 250g bag
Mahalia Coffee Blend No2 in 1kg bag

Blend 2 - Berries & Toasted Almonds Specialty Coffee


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Espresso Commercial
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Reusable Pods
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Buy Award-Winning Medium Roast Coffee Beans Online

Experience the unique and complex flavors of our award-winning medium roast blend, meticulously crafted by combining five single-origin coffee beans. This specialty coffee is a favorite among cafes and coffee enthusiasts throughout Australia.

Rich and Full-Bodied Flavor

Rich, full-bodied flavor with notes of fresh raspberries, blackberries, toasted almonds, and cocoa dust. The aroma offers a complex bouquet that promises a delightful coffee experience. What truly sets this blend apart is its renowned brightness in the cup, leaving you wanting more with every sip.

Versatile Brewing Options

Our medium roast blend is perfect for all coffee-making methods. Whether you prefer it black, with milk, or as a delicious espresso over vanilla ice cream, it’s incredibly versatile. It can be brewed using a plunger, stovetop, filter, reusable pods, and all types of espresso machines.

Perfect with Non-Dairy Milk

This blend pairs beautifully with almond milk, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy non-dairy milk alternatives.

Shop Our Coffee Beans Online

Discover the best coffee beans in Australia by shopping our collection online. Our coffee beans are freshly roasted and available for delivery straight to your door. Order now and enjoy the convenience of having premium coffee beans delivered to your home.

Order Your Medium Roast Coffee Beans Today

Don’t miss out on the chance to savor our award-winning medium roast coffee beans. Perfect for any coffee lover, our blend offers a truly unique coffee experience that you can enjoy every day. Shop now and experience the difference!

mahalia coffee blend No2 coffee flavour intensity

Suggested coffee making recipe

Espresso: Temp: 93°c Group handle basket: 19g basket

In: 19.7g
Out: 47g (56ml) 
Time: 28sec

Cold Drip: 100gm to 850ml filtered, iced water

V60: 18gm for single serve. Only use filtered water, tap water spoils great coffee. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Paul Ridings

Blend 2 has been my “go to” coffee for several years now. While I occasionally mix things up and try another option, I just love the balanced flavour and smoothness of Blend 2.

I'm drinking some of blend 2 right now too! I love the Ethiopain Guji that is hidden in the blend to add that fruitleness in the cup. Thanks for being a part of the Mahalia Coffee family! ☕️

Amber Ryder Wilkes
Best coffee ever

I first encountered Mahalia Coffee when visiting their amazing cafe in Robe back in 2011. Online shopping wasn’t huge at this stage and I jokingly said, you should sell this online, to which they replied…..we do! Thank Goodness for that…….literally the most divine coffee ever!!

Dear Amber, thank you so much for your delightful review! We're so happy to hear that you discovered us and that our coffee left such a lasting impression. Your kind words truly mean the world to us. Cheers to many more cups of our coffee ⭐️⭐️☕️

Paul C.
The best of the best

Mahalia Blend number 2 is the first of their range we tried while visiting Robe some time ago. Since then we have had the chance to try most of their range and this still stands out as our favourite. Do yourself a favour, give it a go and it may just become the favourite part of your morning routine too !

Dear Paul, Thank you so much for your fantastic review! We're super happy to hear that No. 2 made such a memorable impression on you during your visit to Robe and continues to be your favorite. I. Your kind words and recommendation mean the world to us ☕️⭐️

dee Heagney
Love this coffe

I have this delivered every 6 weeks. The Best!

You just made our day! Thanks for the kind words Dee and your support! ☕️

Kellie Brown
Great Coffee, Great Service

We regularly order Blend 2 beans for our coffee machine. Having it black or as a white coffee, its flavour is superb. Orders are always filled promptly (maximum wait, two days), which is much appreciated.

We're super happy that you're enjoying our fast delivery and great coffee! ☕️