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Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder 500g

Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder 500g


Back-flush your coffee machine every day...

The premium espresso machine cleaner for professional espresso machines.

Cafetto Espresso Clean has been tested by NSF and certified to protocol P152. This guarantees that the powder will not taint the coffee and is not corrosive to the espresso machine.

When espresso loses its shine, the first place for the barista to look is in the cleanliness of the machine.  A dirty group head can compromise the quality of an otherwise great shot of coffee.  Cafetto Espresso Clean can handle the clean-up without tainting the coffee; as well, it's non-corrosive so will not damage the espresso machine. 


  • Non-corrosive formula
  • Cafetto Espresso Clean is also NSF tested and certified to protocol 152, ensuring its safety and effectiveness.

Instructions - Group Heads:

  1. Remove coffee filter from group handle, replacing it with the "blind" filter
  2. For daily cleaning, pour 1 level scoop of Espresso Machine Cleaner into the group handle. Then insert as if brewing espresso. If the machine is cleaned less often, use 2 scoops.
  3. Start cycle and allow to run for 10 seconds to dissolve the cleaner completely. Stop the cycle, allowing machine to sit for 10 seconds. 
  4. Start and stop cycle 4 more times, running for 10 seconds and stopping for 10 seconds.
  5. Remove the group handle and rinse well under a stream of water from the delivery group. Turn off.
  6. Re-insert handle with blind filter to begin rinse process. Start and stop cycle 10 times, running for 5 seconds and stopping for 2 seconds. Remove blind filter and insert regular brewing filter.
  7. Brew and discard a single espresso shot to re-season the machine.


Instructions - Group Handles:

  1. Soak group handles and filters in 500ml of hot water with 2 scoops of Espresso Machine Cleaner for 10 minutes.
  2. Rinse thoroughly in running hot water.  

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Excellent for backflushing