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Compak Cube Coffee Tamper
Compak Cube Coffee Tamper
Compak Cube Coffee Tamper

Compak Cube Coffee Tamper



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This tamper is a electronic constant pressure system designed to deliver a perfect tamp needed for a firm packed portafilter, which then will produce a beautifully rich  extraction for your customers to savor.

This tamper ensures consistent tamp pressure, making it the ideal option for commercial users who are looking for consistency with their output among their baristas, to assist in speeding up production in busy times and reduces RSI on wrists and shoulders from long term hand tamping. 

With its industrial style and sleek design, this piece is a welcome practical addition to any cafe, coffee cart or restaurant

Features at a glance

  • Adjustable tamping pressure from 10 to 30 Kg 
  • Measure unit selection (Kg./lb.)
  • Portafilter holder adjustable height to fit all types of portafilter
  • Automatic cleaning mode
  • OLED display with touch pad
  • Enlightened tamping area
  • 58mm Portafilter