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Compak On Demand Grinder F10 Conic

Compak F10 Conical OD Grinder


Matte Black
Matte White

For the Uber busy cafe 

Why we love this top of the range Compak F10 Grinder
Adjustable porta-fork height, the clamp and holder unit allows for hands-free usage while filling the portafilter with coffee so you can get on with production. The coffee shoot outlet is lit up with white LEDS, really great feature in low lighting work areas and the burrs have a durability of 1200 Kg of coffee = 133 ctns coffee

Top features at a glance

  • F series grinder  - more overall power than the E series 
  • For cafes selling up to 18 kg a day 
  • Grinds 19g in 2.8 seconds
  • Continuous micro grind particle adjustment
  • Easy touch LCD screen to set up grinder parameters on first dial in
  • Conical Burrs 86mm
  • Fan to maintain a cool flow of air at all times
  • 12 Month Commercial Parts only warranty