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Mahalia Coffee Decaf Coffee Beans 250g
Decaf  - Toffee & Chocolate - Specialty Coffee roasted by mahalia coffee
Mahalia Coffee Decaf Coffee Beans 250g
Mahalia Coffee Decaf Coffee Beans 1kg

Decaf - Toffee & Chocolate - Specialty Coffee


Whole Beans
Espresso Commercial
Espresso Domestic
Reusable Pods
Pour Over & Drip

malt • nutty toffee • orange

This decaffeinated coffee is expertly crafted to deliver a rich, satisfying cup without the jitters. The toasty cocoa, orange, and roasted hazelnut notes are perfectly balanced, with a sweet nutty toffee and chocolate finish that will leave you wanting more.

Sourced from the highest quality green coffee beans that have been processed using the chemical-free Swiss Water Method™, this coffee is sure to please even the most discerning connoisseur. You wouldn’t even know it was missing the Big C!

Enjoy it in your preferred brewing method, whether it's a plunger, stovetop, cold drop, V60 or home espresso machine, this decaffeinated blend is versatile and delicious. It's even delicious over vanilla ice cream as an espresso, a truly unique and special treat.

Mahalia Coffee Decaf flavour intensity score of 3 out of 5

Suggested Recipe;

Espresso: Temp: 93°c Group handle basket: 21g 

In: 21g
Out: 48g (56ml) 
Time: 28sec

Cold Drip: 80gm to 850ml filtered, iced water

V60: 10gm for single serve. Only use filtered water, tap water spoils great coffee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Barb Miles
Decaf- toffee and chocolate

I just love this coffee as my first choice of coffee for the day, quality and flavours consistent with ever order.

Margaret Allen
Grest decaff

I am very happy with the order and delivery process for Mahalia coffee. I really like the decaff coffee and certainly will be ordering it again.

Fast delivery and delicious coffee? That's our goal! Thanks for your fab review ☕️

Nicola Broderick
Always perfect

Been having Mahalia's decaf for years. Tried other brands, bit none come close. I'll never go anywhere else ❤

We're so happy to be your go-to for delicious decaf specialty coffee! We love roasting it for you, here is to many more cups of joy ☕️

Doris Woods
Decaf Coffee

Great Coffee Great service

Dear Doris, we're roasting up the best just for you! Thanks for the 5-star review! ☕️

Peter Lowe
Decaf Coffee

We have been using this for many years and are yet to find any product that come near to the taste and quality of this product.