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Delter Coffee Press
Delter Coffee Press
Delter Coffee Press instructions

Delter Coffee Press


Voted by us as our fav camping brewer! 

Why we love it - no bitterness in extraction, more clarity of flavour and far superior overall taste. Well done to Mark Folker from Australia that invented this amazing coffee press.

Delter Coffee Press is the first coffee maker designed from the ground up, to solve one of the biggest coffee brewing problems-agitation. Uncontrolled agitation results in bitter coffee and inconsistent extraction. Delter’s unique Jet-Seal keeps the brew water and coffee grounds separated. Water contact is activated by actuating the Jet-Seal with pressure, offering complete control over water flow. The result is an exceptional tasting brew like no other.

  • To brew with the Delter Coffee Press, start with delicious freshly roasted coffee beans, filtered rain water just off the boil, and a good quality grinder.
  • The plunger can be raised, to dose too the exact brew water required. Water and coffee contact is activated by downward pressure, for controlled water flow and agitation.

Delter Coffee Recipe 

  • 220g water / 16g coffee - grind particle size guide: between domestic espresso and plunger 
  • First plunge: 50g – slow press, then wait 30 seconds.
  • Second plunge: 100g – press again
  • Third plunge: last of water (170ml) – slow press
    Total brew time: about 1.45 mins 

What's in the box 

  • 1 x Delter Coffee Press
  • 100 x Paper Filters

When buying pre-ground coffee, ask for a grind that is finer than plunger, not as fine as domestic espresso, about halfway between those grind particle sizes.

Need extra paper filters ➡️ click me