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Hario Vintage Coffee Mill/Grinder

Hario Vintage Coffee Mill/Grinder


Vintage at its best 

This Coffee Mill from Hario has a unique vintage feel while bringing all the functionality of a modern, easy to use hand grinder. Simply set your desired grind coarseness, add you favourite beans to the top hopper and grind in a clockwise direction. The coffee grinds will collect in the draw at the bottom for use. Made from wood & steel this grinder is durable and sturdy, combined with a ceramic burr set mean your blades stay sharper for longer.

Dimensions: (L) 101 x (D) 101mm x (H) 184mm

Capacity: Approx 10g

Please note: It is important the burr is set with a space before turning the handle and only grind in a clockwise direction to avoid damage