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Social Good

Supporting Kiva 

We believe in the power of small businesses working in local communities to help lift people from poverty through the creation of local wealth and employment. We all deeply believe that this empowers people to be in control of their lives and to provide for their families and local communities. This is why we support Kiva, an organisation dedicated to providing low cost microfinance to people living in poverty by providing funds to reputable organisations and field partners who are on the ground and make and administer microfinance loans to entrepreneurs. The money you lend through Kiva is paid back, and you can lend it again, and again, and again, helping many people along the way.

We have become involved by creating the Mahalia Coffee Lending Team. Our philosophy is to primarily make loans to entrepreneurs living in the countries from which we buy our raw coffee beans, and especially to those who are engaged in coffee agriculture. The three owners of Mahalia Coffee have made these loans through their private funds, and continue to add to them on a regular basis, but we believe that we can do more by enlisting your help to make loans through Kiva.

If you want to help, you can join Kiva and start making loans, and if you do this, we encourage you to join our lending team, so that together as a community we can make a difference to many other communities in need.

Mahalia Layzell
Paul Layzell
Jamie Anderson